Monday, April 6, 2020


      I remember the first time I saw Venganza play, the drummer, Juan, was wearing the oversized sombrero in the pic. Not just that, but these guys used to fill up the rim of the hat with chicharrones! The hat would get passed around and people would dig in and munch on them, or they'd end up on the floor because he'd still play with it on even if it was full.

     Over the years their line up changed and I always liked to look at their line up changes as different phases of the band. The first line up lasted about a year. They put out a solid demo, nothing groundbreaking but it still ripped! Then came their second line up that brought in Gilbert on vocals and David from Mugre on bass. This was my favorite line up and this is the line up released a 7".  I'm not sure how long Gilbert was in the band but it feels like it was around 2 years.  There were talks about doing a few splits but I don't think they ever got around to recording anything after the 7". After some time, Gilbert and David both left the band and Oscar joined in on vocals. Oscar had previously played in Degrading Humanity, All Gone Dead and Send the Dogs and he's currently in Fissure. I wasn't really too big on this line up. A split lp with Raiser was released by this line up.

 Band called it quits and Juan joined Generacion Suicida on bass for a bit. Half of Venganza formed another band called Coraje in 2016. They released a demo that someone felt had a bit too much reverb, played a few shows and then broke up by the end of 2017.


Tus Heroes No Son Los Mios 7"

Split with Raiser

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