Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rayos X West Coast Tour!

Re-Posting this to let everyone know that Rayos X and Generacion Suicida will be going on a short West Coast tour in late September. If you're anywhere near any of the stops be sure to check it out because both bands are amazing!

September 22- Sacramento @ Axewave Manor
September 23- Eugene @ Haus Show
September 24- Portland @ Blackwater Records
September 25- Olympia @ Basement show
September 26- Seattle @ FBK Haus
September 28- Portland- Live at KBOO Radio
September 30- Oakland @ The Swamp
October 1- San Francisco @ El Rio

Rayos X will have a small amount of test presses of their new "Soledad" Lp on this tour and a lot of other merch. Buy some shit!

For more info e-mail

Haven't heard Generacion Suicida yet? Download the amazing demo here:

Lakra - First Demo

I didn't even think I had this! I was going through some old cd-r's looking for the La Grita 7" I recorded but ended up finding this. Lakra used to be known as Assault but when vocalist Randy quit the rest of the band changed the name as well as the musical style and decided to have all the songs sung in spanish. They became a whole new band only keeping 1 or 2 Assault songs. They recently started playing a few more gigs after not doing anything for about a year. They've got newer recordings but I still haven't gotten them cos Tubby is lagging it! This reminds of the early @patia No recordings. The vocals are almost spoken and sorta shouted. We've been trying to talk Vicious Threat into getting back together to record for a split 7" with Lakra but no one ever seems to be free at the same time as everyone else. It will hopefully eventually happen though.

Masacre - No Se Rajen

Don't know too much about this band either other than it's got one guy from La Grita. But this is fucking great! Is it power violence? Thrash? Grind? It's fucking got all of it! They were supposed to come down here with La Grita a while back but for one reason or another they didn't end up coming which was a major disappointment because I was really excited about seeing them. Does anyone have any other recordings from them?? Hook it up!

Fronterrorismo - 7"

Fronterrorizmo was a band made up of members from both Texas and Cali. The band was made up of members from bands like Vicio, Aztlan Underground, Kontraattaque, Esperanza, Tragatelo and a butt load more. They appeared on a few compilations and also put out this one 7" that is somehow still available if you take the time to look for it. They stopped playing shows when the Texan half went back home but got back together to play Latino Fest '08. Their reunion didn't really get all that much attention cos everyone was only focusing on Los Crudos playing. I found that really annoying. Don't get me wrong, I love Los Crudos but fuck man the show was not about them! Latino Fest turned into the Crudos show and nothing else for a lot of people. It was very discouraging and irritating to see that Heric, Sal and the rest of the crew worked so damn hard to set up an amazing fest with dozens of amazing bands and have it all be over shadowed by one band. I was as stoked as anyone to see Los Crudos play but I was just as stoked to be able to see Bruise Violet, Outraged, Control De Estado, Maladie, Bosque, Venganza, Liberate!, Hit Me Back, Iconoclast(!), NxN, Mugre, Huasipungo, Sin Orden, Final Draft, La Grita, Adelit@s, plus more all in the same weekend! Oh well, you all missed out!

Have a listen to what you missed!

Cream Soda - Some Of It

Cream Soda. Haha funny name. Like it says on the picture. Fast Core. They don't sound too fast to me but they still fucking own! Don't know all that much about them other than they broke up after vocalist Oscar moved away and Alvin from AxAxSx eventually ended up in this band. This has their first demo, a live set and what was supposed to be their 7". Andres from Bastardass was supposed to release it but both master copies of the cd (maybe with a better mix?) were lost somehow. One by Alvin and one by Sergio from ACxDC. Way to fucking rob the world from what would have been an awesome 7" guys! It all ended in the summer of '06 but should Oscar ever visit one more show is a must!

Mundo Muerto - MLP

Mundo Muerto features old man Gus who used to sing in Mala Sangre before they disappeared a few years ago. Mundo Muerto have been all over the place these past few years though. They've released a 7", this mini lp and are getting ready to release a full length lp sometime soon on Gus' Mata La Musika label. They've been on a few tours as well all over the US. This is pretty similar to some of the bands that popped up out of the Silenzio Statico group like Poliskitzo and Rayos X. I'm not saying they sound exactly like them but I can see some similarities.