Tuesday, April 28, 2020

K!ll K!ll The Nurse

I'm not really sure where K!ll K!ll The Nurse were from but I want to say Fontana or Pomona. I'm also not sure how long they were active either but my best guess is 2004-2006. I just straight up don't know much about them other than the fact that they stuck out like a sore thumb at most of the shows they played. They were part of the DemonxChuff crew scene, so they'd always be playing with bands like ACxDC, Super Ninja Robot Fighter, Bastardass and AxRxM. I never got to see them play but would follow their myspace page and really dug their songs. 

It took me forever to finally get my hands on the full demo. I ended up getting ahold of one of the band members after a few years of asking around and she was super nice and sent me the demo. By the time I got the demo, I had been seeking it out for around 9 years so getting to listen to it in its entirety was incredibly satisfying.

I heard through a friend that they had started getting together and practicing again not too long after they sent me the songs. I was tempted to reach out and ask if I could attend a practice but I didn't really know them personally so I thought that would've been a bit weird. They never ended up playing publicly again so I kind of regret not reaching out.

A big thank you to Celeste for sending me the recordings!


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