Monday, February 21, 2011

Tuberculosis - Disfrandose 7"

What hasn't already been said about this band? Great energetic hardcore featuring members of Hit Me Back, Resist and Exist and the Beatings. This South Central unit has been up and down the West Coast and have left people talking about them for weeks afterward. I'm pretty sure almost everyone has this already, I'm just uploading it for the poor saps that don't!

Outraged - Todo Hasta El Momento

Outraged from Watsonville Ca. were a pleasant surprise at a Chuco's Justice Center show when they came down with Boom Boom Kid. I had heard their name thrown around here and there but had never heard them. They killed it that night at the show! I felt like an idiot for having not heard their stuff sooner but better late than never. They've since broken up, like every other good band does. But Jose went on to form the almighty In Disgust (who have already too broken up) a little before the band broke up.

Mugre - S/T 7"

This is the first Mugre 7" that came out in '06 on Collapse records. I remember going to Chuco's Justice Center almost every other weekend for the shows and Mugre were among my favorite to watch! I first saw them play with Caustic Christ at the Long Beach Warehouse in '05 and was devastated when they announced during their set at a Coke Bust show at the new CJC that that night would be their last show. Everyone thought they were joking and heckled them after the announcement but sure enough, they were serious. I still bug Sal for a 'real' last show whenever I see him. I won't stop until we get one!

Arma Contra Arma - Let No One Deceive You

Arma Contra Arma were a band from Chicago with members of Crudos. This 7" came out in 1997 on Lengua Armada. They were briefly shown in Martin Crudo's "Beyond The Screams" documentary. Their style is similar to that of Kontraattaque's which is never a bad thing.

Harto - Demo Tape

Harto was a short lived band that consisted of Martin Crudo, Heric from Kontraattque, Danny from Hit Me Back and someone I haven't been able to identify yet. Now the quality isn't all that great but it's the best I could find. I couldn't find the cover for it so I uploaded some pictures that Donofthedead took. This is pretty much what you would expect from any band with Martin in it. Punishing hardcore about shit that doesn't sit well with him.

Maladie - S/T LP

I don't know too much about this band other than that they're from TJ and tore it up at the LA Latino Fest back in '08. Some friends and I got to have a few words with them and they were very friendly people and they seemed very excited to be playing the show. They sound a bit like Kakistocracy and of course Tragedy. I know that shit has been done to death but these guys at least make it a little different.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Field Trip! - Chuff Crew Bitch!

This has to be one of my favorite bands of all time! Super positive hardcore by super nice guys. A little similar to Hit Me Back but not so much. I can't even begin describing how awesome everyone in this band is. This is their second demo which to me is a classic!