Monday, September 24, 2018

Cara De Mil Putazos - Lucha, Brutalidad Y Sangre

Lucha libre and Hardcore?! If you've been around, you know this demo already. This demo has already made the rounds but I was trying to download it again and couldn't find a link that worked. I got the tracks again from an old iPod and uploaded it in case anyone was looking for it. I saw them play once when they played the  LA Latino Fest in 2008. Never got the chance again and that bugs me more than it should. They wore luchador masks on stage so I feel it would be wrong to identify the members here. 

*That isn't the cover for this release but I just thought the picture was sick so I went with it.

No Defeat - Unreleased Demo

Yes, I reused the cover from their demo. I couldn't find any other images.  Quick refresher on this very short lived band; this band originally consisted of Sal and Ray from Mugre and Heric and Lalo from Kontraattaque. This line-up recorded a demo and uploaded a few songs on myspace, but not too long after that the band faced some internal problems that I won't get into. The page was deleted, the songs were deleted and for the most part, lost. Fortunately, I downloaded 3 tracks from their page. Unfortunately, the songs were in a computer I no longer had access to. I finally found an old iPod that had the songs and ripped them onto my computer a few weeks ago. This is not the full demo but it's a pretty good sampling of their music. At times very reminiscent of Kontraattaque but with a pinch of old school hardcore. Gang shouts in certain chorus parts and whatnot. What I personally love are the Spanglish lyrics. It just really worked for me. Their self-titled track is a fucking banger and one of my favorite songs ever! I know I've asked the members if they still had the complete demo and none of them did so I think this is all there is.  Anyway, I hope you check it out as I consider this a lost treasure in the vast ocean that is LA Hardcore.