Tuesday, April 28, 2020

K!ll K!ll The Nurse

I'm not really sure where K!ll K!ll The Nurse were from but I want to say Fontana or Pomona. I'm also not sure how long they were active either but my best guess is 2004-2006. I just straight up don't know much about them other than the fact that they stuck out like a sore thumb at most of the shows they played. They were part of the DemonxChuff crew scene, so they'd always be playing with bands like ACxDC, Super Ninja Robot Fighter, Bastardass and AxRxM. I never got to see them play but would follow their myspace page and really dug their songs. 

It took me forever to finally get my hands on the full demo. I ended up getting ahold of one of the band members after a few years of asking around and she was super nice and sent me the demo. By the time I got the demo, I had been seeking it out for around 9 years so getting to listen to it in its entirety was incredibly satisfying.

I heard through a friend that they had started getting together and practicing again not too long after they sent me the songs. I was tempted to reach out and ask if I could attend a practice but I didn't really know them personally so I thought that would've been a bit weird. They never ended up playing publicly again so I kind of regret not reaching out.

A big thank you to Celeste for sending me the recordings!


Monday, April 6, 2020


      I remember the first time I saw Venganza play, the drummer, Juan, was wearing the oversized sombrero in the pic. Not just that, but these guys used to fill up the rim of the hat with chicharrones! The hat would get passed around and people would dig in and munch on them, or they'd end up on the floor because he'd still play with it on even if it was full.

     Over the years their line up changed and I always liked to look at their line up changes as different phases of the band. The first line up lasted about a year. They put out a solid demo, nothing groundbreaking but it still ripped! Then came their second line up that brought in Gilbert on vocals and David from Mugre on bass. This was my favorite line up and this is the line up released a 7".  I'm not sure how long Gilbert was in the band but it feels like it was around 2 years.  There were talks about doing a few splits but I don't think they ever got around to recording anything after the 7". After some time, Gilbert and David both left the band and Oscar joined in on vocals. Oscar had previously played in Degrading Humanity, All Gone Dead and Send the Dogs and he's currently in Fissure. I wasn't really too big on this line up. A split lp with Raiser was released by this line up.

 Band called it quits and Juan joined Generacion Suicida on bass for a bit. Half of Venganza formed another band called Coraje in 2016. They released a demo that someone felt had a bit too much reverb, played a few shows and then broke up by the end of 2017.


Tus Heroes No Son Los Mios 7"

Split with Raiser

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

La Voz - Live Set 01/20/17

A few years ago I set up a show and convinced 3 of my favorite bands to get back together and play. La Voz was one of them. I hit up their singer Mario and he seemed hesitant about it. After some heavy pestering on my part, he finally agreed. 

What we got was a set that was just under 8 minutes. I didn't actually get to watch them play but listening from the door, they sounded great! They just ran through all their songs and wrapped up as fast as they could.

The entire show had been recorded but due to an idiotic mistake, all the recordings were deleted. This one only survived because I had it sent to me immediately the next day. I can't count how many times I've listened to it. I will forever be thankful to Mario and the rest of the band for playing this show.


Asko - Practice

There's a band photo somewhere out there that I really wanted to use but I couldn't find it. 

These are all the same songs from the "Me Das Asko" tape. Shittier quality with a little too much static and reverb. Some songs are slightly different and it's actually pretty cool to listen to this and then go onto listen to the finished product and see how much more refined it is.