Tuesday, December 28, 2010

¡Libérate! - Discografia

Latino fastcore from LA. They sound like a faster Life's Halt mixed in with some E-150. If I have to sell this band to you, I don't want you downloading this.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Aborto Social - Discography

I've decided not to re-upload this because people still take the "AxS" gang seriously. 

*I've edited this numerous times to try to avoid getting my ass beat. Seriously. Because some people are still stuck in high school.  

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rayos X - Mi Desorden

I was gonna upload the Rayos X 7" but Tony beat me to it a few days ago. So instead I'm just going to post a link to his blog. If you know who Rayos X are then you don't need me to tell you how good this band is! So check out http://noconformo.blogspot.com/ for the 'Mi Desorden' ep. His blog also has a bunch of other stuff covering the La Raw Ponx scene coming up. He's uploaded a few pages of his Fronteras Desarmadas zine too, as well as the video zine version. Anywho, check it out!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Krüel - Terror Tape

This is the first version of their 'Terror Tape', which to me sounds much better than the re-recorded one they put out afterwards. This too was released by the Silenzio Statico collective. Raw D-Beat with low quality recording that just rounds off the tape really well. 7 songs including a Disclose cover.


Jigs Up! - Demonstration Tape

Jigs Up! is both the guys from Goner plus one guy from Flora, and they play super fast hardcore. This tape has 10 songs in under 5 minutes. The tape sold out quick. There were plans for a split 7" with NxBxC but the band didn't last very long.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Hit Me Back - Tambourine Thrashed Souls 'n' Roll Songs

Hit Me Back, one of my all time favorite bands. They were from South Central and were around from 2002-2008. They were always down to play any kind of show, whether it was a venue, house show or whatever. This is a collection of a 12" ep and 2 splits I think. They've got a few other releases but this is definitely my favorite. Hit Me Back members also played in bands like Asko, Tuberculosis, Fraude, Send The Dogs, Harto, Ugly Heads, Strangers, Drapetomania and many more.


Intifada - Sounds So Good

Intifada from Chicago play pretty basic hardcore in both spanish and english. I'm not sure if they're still together or not but they were fun to watch live when they came down here a few years ago. This is their second 7" plus an extra track which is a Scholastic Deth cover.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sin Orden - Arte, Cultura Y Resistencia

Sin Orden have been around for a good while now and finally put out an LP last year. This isn't as straight forward as their earlier material but it's still really good.


Bruise Violet - S/T 7"

Bruise Violet were an all girl hardcore band from South Gate. South Gate was the go to area for a couple of years because of the Allen Theater and Cafe Kashmir which was right next door to the Allen. I caught them a boatload of times and they always delivered! I did miss their last show and it's always been a huge regret!

I know that Daisy sung in a few other bands after or around the same time that Bruise Violet was around. She was in Warscroll, Degrading Humanity and Send The Dogs, who were another favorite of mine! They were soooo good live! Vanessa drummed for another band but the name escapes me at the moment. Vanessa and Miriam also work with the Chicas Rockeras girls rock camp. Check it out and if you're local, please think about donating any unwanted instruments or gear. 


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rayos X - Mirando A Traves De Sus Mentiras

After Asko broke up Tony went on to start Rayos X with Kaye from Vakraant (in which Tony also played). This is their first tape that was done by the Silenzio Statico collective (expect a lot more posts from these guys). Rayos X are a very active band out here and also have a 7" on Lengua Armada which I will post later. Snotty raw punk that will have you dancing.


Asko - Me Das Asko

The tape that kicked it all off. This was the very first release on Silenzio Statico and I remember getting my copy off of Austin (Blazing Eye) at the 2008 Latino Punk Fest. 

The line up consisted of Tony from Vakraant, Gaby from the Beatings and Abe from Hit Me Back. 

By now, this band is pretty well known as the precursor to Rayos X and Tuberculosis. Members would eventually move on from those bands to form Strangers, Generacion Suicida, the Dark and so on...


Mugre - En Estos Tiempos

Second 7" from this now defunct LA band. Mugre was definitely one of my favorite bands to watch. Fast, urgent and angry.


Youth Against - La Revolucion De Los De Abajo

Awesome Chicago band, this was released as both a tape and an LP. They recently got back together to play some reunion shows. Nearly shit my pants when I found out they would be playing here in LA. I can't believe how awesome this is.


La Voz - Deprimido 7"

Their one and only 7" on Lengua Armada. Released at the same time as the Rayos X and Tuberculosis records. The record release show was sick and Martin came down with N/N to play the show. La Voz always stuck out to me because their lyrics were a bit more personal and dark. When it felt like every band out at the time was overtly political, they offered up something different. I first saw them play a backyard in Anaheim where Juan from Venganza described them to me as Crudos meets Minor Threat. That was pretty accurate and needless to say, I was a fan as soon as the first song was over. 

They've got a bunch of random practice recordings out there as well as some live stuff. Pretty much all the same songs from this record as well what was going to be another 7" that never came about. Which is a shame because the "Entumecido" recordings are my favorite! I tried to get a discography tape release going but it just never really picked up any steam and I ended up just letting it go. After the band broke up, Elias and Mario ended up joining Generacion Suicida. In 2017 La Voz got back together to play 1 more show. 


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