Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Descarados - S/T 12"

Descarados is a side project featuring members of Sin Orden, Mugre and Tragatelo. So far they've put out a demo and this one sided 12". Only 7 songs but the b-side is etched with a pretty cool picture. This was put out by Emma Navajas Discos and the covers were hand screened by the Silenzio Statico collective. This sounds almost nothing like the other bands the members play in which is a good thing cos why start another band when it's gonna sound just like the one you're already in? This isn't as fast or as "hard" but the message is just as urgent. The songs on this are also more personal. But fuck it man we're all human!

Jutro - Demo Tape

Way back in like 2004 or 2005, Austin recorded a 4 song demo by himself in his one man d-beat project called Jutro. Everything is distorted and the vocals have this cool effect that blend it with the music pretty well. I believe there was a split with Mugre planned but it never happened. Austin later went on to be in Drapetomania, Blazing Eye, Sadicos, Tuberculosis, Mata Mata and some other stuff that probably didn't last long enough to get recorded.

Stapled Shut - Resin Heaven Demo

Stapled Shut was one of the most overlooked PV bands on the West Coast. They had one 7", and splits with Despise You and Lack of Interest plus appeared on a few comps as well. They even played one of the Fiesta Grande shows. Why this band isn't all that 'big' is beyond me! They sound similar to DY although I think they started up before DY. Features members of Excruciating Terror (!) and Despise You (recording line up, not the current live one). This is one of the few demos they have floating around and I think this was the last one they did before breaking up. They got back together sometime last year, I think it was March. Word is they're getting ready to hit the studio again!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fuerza X - California Tour '01 Tape

Fuerza X!!! I fucking love that name! Straight Edge band from Guatemala. If you haven't already guessed it from the title yet, this is a tape that they came out with when they came down to California in '01. They didn't release much apart from this. They recorded another demo when they were down here and had songs on a handful on comps. They got back together for a reunion show a while back over in Guatemala and from what I heard, it was a rager! Get this shit!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ruido - Ruidografia

Alright, so this here is a pretty big file. It's got about 80 songs. This is pretty much a complete discography from this LA hardcore band. Ruido covered just about every topic any angry band could. Anything from political issues to personal issues. They played some pretty cool shows around here but unfortunately no real final show or anything. I swear man one of these days we have to get all these bands that never gave us a final show to give us one more show to celebrate their contribution to the scene.