Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Vos Me Fallaste ‎– Cuando El Sol Brillaba En Nuestros Días

I am admittedly not too well versed in the South American Hardcore scene. I am very familiar with a lot of the anarcho and crust bands from there but this kind of hardcore hasn't really been something I've dived into at all. I started checking out some bands after I streamed the Tomar Control lp that came out last year (check it out, it's great!) and came across bands like En Mi Defensa, Vieja Escuela, Las Palabras Queman and Vos Me Fallaste. I imagine those bands are staples in their scene and very well known but they were brand new to me. They're from the straightedge side of the scene which isn't really a scene I'm familiar with, even out here. I've been straightedge for half my life but never really got into the bands. Shit, I've only been to like 3 straightedge shows in my life! Ask me to name an active sxe band from LA, I can't!

Vos Me Fallaste stood out to me the most because of their lyrics, they're very personal and the vocals are absolutely perfect for them. Frustrated and desperate at times. Musically I kind of hear something similar to Verse but I've never been good at comparisons. It's really disappointing that they only recorded 1 record but it's also kind of enough? 

The band was from Argentina, active from 2008-2013 and then reformed for one more show in 2015.