Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lakra - First Demo

I didn't even think I had this! I was going through some old cd-r's looking for the La Grita 7" I recorded but ended up finding this. Lakra used to be known as Assault but when vocalist Randy quit the rest of the band changed the name as well as the musical style and decided to have all the songs sung in spanish. They became a whole new band only keeping 1 or 2 Assault songs. They recently started playing a few more gigs after not doing anything for about a year. They've got newer recordings but I still haven't gotten them cos Tubby is lagging it! This reminds of the early @patia No recordings. The vocals are almost spoken and sorta shouted. We've been trying to talk Vicious Threat into getting back together to record for a split 7" with Lakra but no one ever seems to be free at the same time as everyone else. It will hopefully eventually happen though.

1 comment:

  1. THX!
    never heard of the guys but good demo! and yeah that last track sounds really like early/best @patia no stuff,especially the vocals
    hope these guys put out a record soon.