Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fronterrorismo - 7"

Fronterrorizmo was a band made up of members from both Texas and Cali. The band was made up of members from bands like Vicio, Aztlan Underground, Kontraattaque, Esperanza, Tragatelo and a butt load more. They appeared on a few compilations and also put out this one 7" that is somehow still available if you take the time to look for it. They stopped playing shows when the Texan half went back home but got back together to play Latino Fest '08. Their reunion didn't really get all that much attention cos everyone was only focusing on Los Crudos playing. I found that really annoying. Don't get me wrong, I love Los Crudos but fuck man the show was not about them! Latino Fest turned into the Crudos show and nothing else for a lot of people. It was very discouraging and irritating to see that Heric, Sal and the rest of the crew worked so damn hard to set up an amazing fest with dozens of amazing bands and have it all be over shadowed by one band. I was as stoked as anyone to see Los Crudos play but I was just as stoked to be able to see Bruise Violet, Outraged, Control De Estado, Maladie, Bosque, Venganza, Liberate!, Hit Me Back, Iconoclast(!), NxN, Mugre, Huasipungo, Sin Orden, Final Draft, La Grita, Adelit@s, plus more all in the same weekend! Oh well, you all missed out!

Have a listen to what you missed!

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