Thursday, May 5, 2011

Total Disorder - Condenados A Luchar

First off, I'd like to dedicate this post to the memory of Erwin Infante who sadly passed away last month in an accident. I know we didn't kick it all that much or even know each other too well, but right from the moment we met, you were cool as shit to me and super nice. It almost seemed as if we went way back. R.I.P.

Total Disorder was a street punk band from South Central that Erwin played guitar for. They mainly played backyard shows and were around at the time when the South Central backyard scene was at it's highest point with bands like LA's Moral Decay, All Out Attak, SCRS amongst many more. Total Disorder always stuck out and as cheesy as it sounds have now reached a semi legendary status around here. They are among a handful of bands that have been long gone but never forgotten in the backyard scene. I never got to see them play but man the stories I've heard and the way people speak so highly of them as one of those memorable bands really makes me wish that the reunion Erwin was trying to make happen had actually happened. I know that some people on here won't 'get' it and maybe see this band as just another street punk band but that's not the case over here in LA. They were a big part of our scene and one of those bands you looked up to. You just don't even know....


  1. wow thank you so much for this iv been looking for the full album for well over a year now i even tried to contact the band to buy it but alas no response thanks again also you wouldn't happen to knwo where i could find a decent enough image to make a back patch from would you?

    cheers Jimmy-

    ps sorry for the terrible grammer

  2. hey sorry i took forever to respond. haven't had much time to check the blog. but i'm glad you finally got what you were looking for. as far as finding a decent image, i don't think you'll be able to find one anywhere. it seems like all their artwork was done really sloppy on paint so it's all shitty. i suggest making your own with a band picture or something.

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  4. Hey there... I've known about this band since 2011 and have been looking for their music to download but could never find it anywhere... I came across ur blog and finally found it but now it's saying that the zip file is not available... Is it possible u can send it to me via email??

    1. hey, i just tried the link and it works. if anything it just doesn't let you preview tracks. try it again and just hit download.

      or try this one; just uploaded this one

    2. if that doesn't work, just leave your email in a reply here and ill send it through that.


      Thanks a lot btw!!! \nn/

    4. @Nuestra Rabia
      Can you email me it too it won't download at all