Wednesday, May 11, 2011

LA's Moral Decay

LA's Moral Decay was another local band that was around at the same time as Total Disorder and S.C.R.S. I'm not exactly sure what year they broke up in but after the band Jose went on to sing in Peligro Social and Ruleta Rusa while Eddie plays in Poliskitzo. This contains 2 releases, "Die For Nothing" and "Youth On The Streets". LA's Moral Decay aren't exactly remembered for their releases though, they're remembered for all the crazy sets played in backyards and small venues. They recently did a few reunion shows that I had to miss because of work but from the pictures and videos that I've seen, they were packed up the ass and incredibly wild! The picture on the left is from one of those shows and it seems like no mic was even needed since the crowd already knew all the words!

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