Monday, September 24, 2018

No Defeat - Unreleased Demo

Yes, I reused the cover from their demo. I couldn't find any other images.  Quick refresher on this very short lived band; this band originally consisted of Sal and Ray from Mugre and Heric and Lalo from Kontraattaque. This line-up recorded a demo and uploaded a few songs on myspace, but not too long after that the band faced some internal problems that I won't get into. The page was deleted, the songs were deleted and for the most part, lost. Fortunately, I downloaded 3 tracks from their page. Unfortunately, the songs were in a computer I no longer had access to. I finally found an old iPod that had the songs and ripped them onto my computer a few weeks ago. This is not the full demo but it's a pretty good sampling of their music. At times very reminiscent of Kontraattaque but with a pinch of old school hardcore. Gang shouts in certain chorus parts and whatnot. What I personally love are the Spanglish lyrics. It just really worked for me. Their self-titled track is a fucking banger and one of my favorite songs ever! I know I've asked the members if they still had the complete demo and none of them did so I think this is all there is.  Anyway, I hope you check it out as I consider this a lost treasure in the vast ocean that is LA Hardcore.

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