Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stapled Shut - Resin Heaven Demo

Stapled Shut was one of the most overlooked PV bands on the West Coast. They had one 7", and splits with Despise You and Lack of Interest plus appeared on a few comps as well. They even played one of the Fiesta Grande shows. Why this band isn't all that 'big' is beyond me! They sound similar to DY although I think they started up before DY. Features members of Excruciating Terror (!) and Despise You (recording line up, not the current live one). This is one of the few demos they have floating around and I think this was the last one they did before breaking up. They got back together sometime last year, I think it was March. Word is they're getting ready to hit the studio again!


  1. So hey, if yer gonna steal my rips, then add my blog! ;) --Sean

  2. Dude, listen to both of the versions. Download the one on my blog and you'll see I didn't "steal" anything from you,
    and I did post it before you.
    I don't know if you're serious about the sense of ownership over music from a band you weren't even in but I got this from Mando himself.