Wednesday, December 8, 2010

La Voz - Deprimido 7"

Their one and only 7" on Lengua Armada. Released at the same time as the Rayos X and Tuberculosis records. The record release show was sick and Martin came down with N/N to play the show. La Voz always stuck out to me because their lyrics were a bit more personal and dark. When it felt like every band out at the time was overtly political, they offered up something different. I first saw them play a backyard in Anaheim where Juan from Venganza described them to me as Crudos meets Minor Threat. That was pretty accurate and needless to say, I was a fan as soon as the first song was over. 

They've got a bunch of random practice recordings out there as well as some live stuff. Pretty much all the same songs from this record as well what was going to be another 7" that never came about. Which is a shame because the "Entumecido" recordings are my favorite! I tried to get a discography tape release going but it just never really picked up any steam and I ended up just letting it go. After the band broke up, Elias and Mario ended up joining Generacion Suicida. In 2017 La Voz got back together to play 1 more show.

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