Thursday, September 6, 2012


So it's been a whole year since I last updated this shit. It's not exactly that I've been too busy but more that I was too lazy to keep this up. I guess I really am just stuck in my world of comics to be bothered with anything else like some people say.

I first caught this band in 2005 at the Long Beach Warehouse (RIP) when they played with Caustic Christ and Mugre. Their 12 minute set blew me away and ended up being the best set of the night for me. A few days later I found their second demo at Headline Records and couldn't believe my luck! I immediately popped that shit in my cd player and played it all the way home, and this was only like a 6 minute demo so i heard it like 10 times! The demo came with a myspace (what's that?) link and I checked that out as soon as I got home and checked out all the other bands these guys either played in or with. Bands like the almighty ACxDC, Max Ward, the Scrotums, K!ll K!ll the Nurse, Greedy Filth, Bastardass, No Noise, AxRxM and all those other DemonxChuff bands. This band opened up a huge door for me and exposed me to so much kick ass noise and the importance of true diy ethics. More importantly though, I made friends with a few of these people and they mean a lot to me.