Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I feel kinda shitty posting this because it was never officially released. I've been wanting to post this for a reeeaaally long time but didn't want to piss off Tom. Pero mejor pedir perdon que pedir permiso or however that saying goes.

Krossed features members of Bastardass, AxRxM and ACxDC playing straight up catchy punk rock. Songs sung in both english and spanish. I'm sure I could compare this to something but I am honestly at a loss. The band was very short lived and only played like 5 shows. 

These 7 songs were supposed to make up a 7" EP that I was supposed to release but the band broke up before it ever went to the pressing plant. I also recall being told that this was mixed and/or mastered by someone in Social Distortion so that's another interesting fun fact about this band. 


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

¡Libérate! - Discografia LP (Release)

     I finally think I'm ready to start getting these out there. I've been sitting on the vinyl since early November. This was supposed to be out in late October when they played a show with Subhumans but the vinyl arrived 4 days too late. Once I missed the deadline the urgency kinda faded so I sat on it for a while just leaving the boxes of vinyl sitting around while I waited for all the covers to be screened. 

     ¡Libérate! play fastcore and are highly influenced by bands such as Crudos, Life's Halt, E-150, HHH, Discarga, etc. It's all sung in spanish and its all short and to the point. Based out of LA, the band was highly active from 2006 til about 2010 or so. After that, only getting together to sporadically play shows when time permits. The band features members highly active in the LA hardcore scene that have played in bands such as Asshole Assassination Squad, Bastardass, Syntax, ACxDC, Medic! and Fieldtrip.

     The LP contains 49 tracks, including their entire first show, so its technically like 55 tracks. This collects the "Amor Y Passion" 7", their split 7" with Intifada from Chicago, 10 unreleased studio tracks (some meant for a Venganza split that never happened), 2 demos and their first live set. You can download the discography on this blog (look for it, I'm not making it that easy!) for free if you want to check it out. If you like it, please help me get rid of the stacks of vinyl by buying one.

     I only did a small run of 300 records, which will honestly be it, at least from me, because there are other releases I'd like to get out there. Hand screened covers and hand stamped labels (not fun!).

     I am open to trades as long as they're fair and the music is somewhat similar to this. Please get in touch to work out a trade. I am open to tapes as long as you put some thought into them, all I ask is they have decent inserts (no bare tapes with bare packaging!) and decent dubbing. I'm getting sick of people half-assing tapes and still charging $5!

     Other than that the lp is $12 ppd. Wholesale is welcome. Distro's get in touch or if you know your friends are going to want a copy as well, get together and order them all at once for a hook up.

     Get in touch at onecommonground@yahoo.com

      Up next right after this is the Krossed 7" 

      P.S. Label name is No Te Calles, if any of you were curious.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tensión - Demo

I am absolutely in love with this demo! 8 tracks from this 4 piece out of Leganés. It's mid-paced and catchy as fuck! The vocals kind of remind me of Tony (Generacion Suicida) back in the early Vagrants days. Bouncy drums, solid bass lines and crappy (in a good way!) guitar! Thanks for reaching out and sending me a link to your music! I'm currently on my third play through. Come down to LA and bring Rata Negra back with you!


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

G.I.S.M. - Determination

Yes, I know up until now this blog has been strictly brown but I have to make an exception for this. Because A) It's G.I.S.M. and B) You probably don't want to drop $50 on the new REMASTERED collection cd. This is surprisingly an official release by Sakevi. I won't say anything else because nothing else needs to be said. 

The cover is unfortunate though.


Poliskitzo - Poliskitzofrenia

Poliskitzo are (were?) a 3 piece from around the Hawthorne area. They'd been playing since about 2008 or 2009. Their debut tape was the fourth release on Silenzio Statico and honestly, I didn't dig it that much apart from "La Vida Duele". Not long after they released a second tape which is what got me really into them.

This contains their "Dulce Del Systema" EP and the Poliskitzofrenia tape.


Friday, August 7, 2015

Lakra - Exterminio


This past weekend my friends and I took a small trip down to Arizona for the KOTM fest. If I'm going to be perfectly honest, we mostly went for Crudos and to show our support for the small group of LA bands playing the fest. Bands like Generacion Suicida, To The Point, Ausencia (who didn't show up on time to play) and of course Lakra! 

Lakra recorded 11 songs for their very first tape to sell at the fest and man does it fucking rip! If you check out the Cola de Rata blog then you already know that they recorded a 4 song demo last year that was also pretty sick. If not, go download it! Either way check this shit out and if you want a copy of the tape hit up the band on their Facebook page and they'll hook you up! 

Shut up and download!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ponkeras de Sur Este Los Angeles

Please take the time to watch this, it's pretty cool and shows a glimpse at just how involved the Ponkeras are out here in LA.

I will also take this opportunity to share the Destruye Y Huye 7" that came out not too long ago. DYH seemed to disappear just as quickly as they rose up, they were pretty much playing every weekend and just kinda faded out. Sadly, I didn't even get a chance to see them play! I'm hoping they play again sometime soon.