Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kontraattaque - Discography

 Kontraattaque were an LA Hardcore band with a grind influence that existed from 1997-2002. Like a lot of other bands on this blog, they are criminally underrated, even here in LA. Kontraattaque were pretty blunt with their lyrics as well as the other writings on their records. A lot of bands try to sugar coat their distrust and anger towards white america so as not to offend anyone but not these guys. They never held back. Why should they? Why should any person of color not speak out against unjust actions being taken against us? Why the fuck should we stay quiet when shit like Prop 187, HR 4437 and Arizona's SB 1070 gets major support from ignorant people that are descendants of immigrants themselves? You fucking swear your Anglo ancestors are native to this land. They're not even native to this continent!

I remember when I first came across the first Kontraataque 7" at a record store and reading the back cover, afterward I knew I had to have this 7". This band blew me away instantly! If you like your Hardcore to have meaning, passion and to be angry as fuck, you need this! Below is the statement from that record:

(English) ...Until when will we continue to believe in this "gringo" dream?..Yeah, "gringo"! why the "American dream"? In case you haven't noticed, the American continent expands from Canada to Chile. Why do the people from the United States call themselves "American" exclusively? What about the rest of us? do we not count? Do we not exist? Aren't we, the descendants of the indigenous people whom really belong to these lands? Who robbed whom? After generations and generations, the majority of us still struggle day after day just to survive in this country... To be able to own a house, have transportation, food and clothing(comfortably) doesn't mean you've gained "status" or that you've accomplished the so-called "Dream" that everyone here talks about. That is simply living! That should be a right for every human being!!! How many hours of bad pay, sweat and in occasions even labor abuse does our transportation, clothing, houses, and food equate to? Ask us what it feels like to work from eight to twelve hours daily, get home late, exhausted, eat ,go to sleep early to wake up and get up before the sun is out, then to repeat the cycle... perhaps this is you? or your parents or family members, just like ours... supposedly, they did it for us, now watch us... doing it for ours. "Till we educate ourselves about the myth of this country, this false dream that we so much try to accomplish, about the injustices that we still face, about the tragedies and the struggles that we still go through, then we will have taken the first step towards the struggle for human dignity in this country. "MADE IN THE U.S.A." means made from the blood and sweat of the working class... Now, any questions about why KONTRAATTAQUE emerged?

(Español) ...Hasta cuando lo del "Sueño" gringo?...Si, "gringo!" Por que razon el "Sueño Americano" si el continente de America avarca desde Canada hasta Chile? Por que los Estado-Unidenses se toman el derecho de llamarse "Americanos" exclusivamente? Y el resto de nosotros que? A caso no existimos? A caso no contamos? A caso no somos nosotros, los decendientes de la raza indigena, quien realmente somos de estas tierras? quien le robo a quien? Despues de generaciones tras generaciones, muchos de nosotros haun luchamos dia tras dia solo para poder sobrevivir en este pais... Llegar a tener casa, transporte, comida y ropa en este pais(comodamente) no es tener "estatus" o haber realisado el "sueño" del que todos hablan. Eso es vivir! Eso deve de ser un derecho para cada ser humano!!! Ha cuantas horas de mal-pago, sudor y en ocasiones hasta horas de maltratos equivale nuestro transporte, nuestra ropa, nuestras casas, y nuestra comida? Preguntenos a nosotros que se siente trabajar de ocho a doce horas diarias, llegar a casa tarde y agotado, comer, acostarce temprano para despertarnos y leventarnos de madrugada para seguir el ciclo otra vez... o a la mejor, lo mismo haces tu, o tus padres y familiares como lo hacen todavia los nuestros... segun lo hacian por nosotros, pues mirenos a nosotros... haciendolo por los nuestros. Hasta que nos eduquemos unos con otros del mito de este pais, del sueo falso que tanto buscamos, de las injusticias que aguantamos, de las tragedias y las luchas que pasamos, entonces realmente daremos el primer paso hacia una verdadera lucha por la dignidad humana en este pais. "MADE IN THE USA" quiere decir hecho de sangre y sudor de clase obrera...Ahora, hay preguntas de porque surge KONTRAATTAQUE?